Big News for Barnstormer’s Vintage Fair

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!….. Which for us translates to Vintage Fair planning season~

It’s the dead of winter here on our farm, and while it’s not our favorite time of year, it is a great time to rest, reflect,  and renew….  ok the rest part is debatable, reflecting always contains a certain amount of bitter sweetness so we avoid it like the plague, and renewal can be dangerous.

We’ve always thought of this vintage fair idea as our “baby”, and as in birthing a baby, the dangerous part is that we forget.  We forget about the sweat, the pain, the fear and that ultimate PUSH gahhhhhh.  But we are somewhat rested and renewed so we have forgotten all the reasons we vow to never do another fair, and boy do we have some big changes and big news.

It’s nearly impossible to believe that this year celebrates our baby Vintage Fair’s 5th birthday! How quickly they grow up. And with any growth there are crossroads. Which direction do we go?  Forward or back?  After so much sweat filled labor thinking through this one question, we agree that back is not an option.  Our little fair has grown by leaps and bounds every year due to our fabulous vendors and our amazing community.  That’s the good news, but the flip side of that news…. ~I won’t call it bad news:  1.because I’m so stinking positive and B. because it’s ALL good news~ is that we have absolutely, positively grown in numbers beyond what our little farm property can manage. So the options set before us were to:

  • Try to keep our numbers small.which was laden with many negatives~
  • Stop doing the vintage fair all together…..there aren’t big enough BIG GIRL underpants on the planet to enable this choice~
  • Change the venue from our sun baked farm ground to the Jackson County Expo grounds….ding ding ding we have a right answer!!!

That’s right, we are moving!!!!

Now the executive decision has been made and is final so no amount of hate mail will change this so please put that hate mail in the bin where all hate mail belongs and join us on this new adventure!

Think about it- No sun stroke, flushing toities and running water, and for you fashionistas that like to get all girlie and put on your stilettos, no broken ankles trying to hike across the barnyard in said shoes. Plenty of parking, and like the US Postal Service creed states: neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night blah blah blah will shut us down!

To our vendors we’d like to add this:  You took a chance hitching your lovely wagons to ours 5 years ago when we were clueless and starry-eyed , while we remain clueless, our eyes are just baggy now but we hope you,  as well as our community, will join us on our BIG ADVENTURE to the 5th annual BARNSTORMER’S Vintage Fair at the Expo!

August 5th and 6th  

  First Dibs Friday 4pm-9pm  –  Saturday 9:30am-3:30pm



21 thoughts on “Big News for Barnstormer’s Vintage Fair

  1. While it was wonderful having it in the rustic location of your barn it will be nice to have it in a place that is better suited for more vendors & people who have physical issues with unlevel ground & such!! We will pray for the preparation process as it moves forward!! God Bless & I know that we can hardly wait (my daughter & daughter in love)!!

  2. I’m so excited, for this post!!! Growth is good and moving indoors even better!!! Cant wait to be a vendor and be close to you for a whole weekend and go to church at Living Waters and be with that tribe!!!! Xoxo love your guts!!!!!

  3. Awesome plan Ladies!!! We’ll miss the trip to your fabulous,fun farm, but understand how this change will help you with many logistical problems. So… we’ll follow this marvelous Vintage Fair where ever it may go!!! It’s already on my calendar!

  4. Court Street Market is very interested in participating as a vendor. Please supply me with information.

  5. Awesome for someone like me! I dont have to tear down every night and set up everyday!!!! Hopefully I get to do the fair again this year since I was a last minute guest this last year!

  6. Good morning
    Do you ever have these events any other time of the year? Closer to the holidays?
    I would love to come. What fun!!!
    Thank you for your time.

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