Welcome To Barnstormer Farm … Now, you may be asking yourself, “What in the heck is a barnstormer?” Well, while you don’t see many around these days, in their hayday they were the talk of the town. They would fly in to open fields and offer airplane rides to anyone brave enough to buy a ticket. Since our family farm has more airplanes and airplane parts on it at any given time than actual farm animals, we bear the Barnstormer name proudly. Heck, we even have our own private airstrip.

Besides being daring pilots, the most important character trait of a barnstormer is their craving for adventure! Adventure seems to shape things around here, we’re always trying new creative ways to make this place sustainable. Over the past three years we’ve birthed our uniquely festive Annual Vintage Fair, we’re starting a blog about the challenges and victories that come with real life on the farm and we’ve even tried our hand at pig farming (yay for #barnstormerbacon). We hope you’ll join us on our crazy journey and be inspired to start your own adventure!

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